Career Opportunity(in English)

Graduates of the Department of Information Sociology have so far entered sectors of telecommunications, mass media, advertising, NGO, and government, to name a few. Last decade they have been particularly successful in telecommunications and mass media sectors. Probably it is because they were well equipped with both sociological imagination and technical capabilities. The department is trying to provide hight-quality education to keep the tradition of outstanding achievements. Upon graduation, students may expect to enter sectors as follows:

1. Telecommunications : managers of Internet Service Providers, Contensts Providers, Program Providers

2. Massmedia, Advertising and PR : TV producers, reporters, advertising executives, PR agents

3. Social Reserch : researchers, managers

4. NGOs : activists, fund-rasiers, analysts

5. Public Sector : goverment officials, public corporation employees

6. Finance : fund managers, analysts, bank employees

You may want to see the ‘where are graduates?’ page to get more concrete information for career prospect after graduation.

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