Recent Publications (in English)

♦ Professor Jasoon KOO

– 2009. “A study on the convergence of Media Policy and Cultural Policy in digital Convergence environment”. <review of cultural economics>. Vol. 12. No. 2

– 2008. “Recent research trends in the Korean sociology of cyberspace: 1997-2007″.  <Journal of cybercommunication academic society>. Vol. 25. No. 1

– 2007. “Understanding the trend of researching Internet use for HIV/AIDS prevention”. <Journal of cybercommunication academic society> Vol. 21

– 2007. “A study on digital divide of aged women”. <Korea journal of information society>. Vol 11

♦ Professor Byung Chul AHN

-2009. “A study on the Healthy Family Act: With special reference to its enactment background, criticisms and responses”. <Society and Theory> Vol. 15.  no. 2. Korean Society for Social Theory.

-2009. “Economic distress and family conflict”. Paper presented at 2009 Annual Academic Conference of Chinese Sociological Association.

♦ Professor Young-Min YUN

– 2009. “E-Carnivalesque: a Bakhtinian Interpretation of Public Dialogue Online.” Presented at Korean Society of Social Theory-East-Asian Studies Association 2009 Fall Symposium.

– 2009. <A Policy Research for Efficient Management of Government Call Center>. Instutute for State Management.

– 2010. “Architecture of Choice or Participation?: Internet and Community in South Korea.” (Expected to be published in an international journal)

♦ Associate Professor John Gulick

– 2009. “Sino-Russian Geo-Economic Integration: The Feasible Alternative to Chinese Hegemony on a Shrinking Planet”. China and the Transformation of Global Capitalism (edited by Ho-Fung Hung). Johns Hopkins University Press.

– 2009. “Giovanni Arrighi’s Tapestry of East and West”. Journal of World-Systems Research(Volume 15, Number 2).

– 2010 (forthcoming). Book review of The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World Economy by Minqi Li, in Socialism and Democracy.

– 2010 (forthcoming). “The Long Twentieth Century and Barriers to China’s Hegemonic Rise”.Journal of World-Systems Research.

– 2011 (forthcoming). “Limits to Hegemonic Transition and Modern World-Systemic Reproduction”. Handbook of World-Systems Analysis: Theory and Research. Routledge Press.


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